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Chile is a long, skinny country seemingly squeezed between the towering Andes and the vast Pacific Ocean. It is a lot bigger than it looks on a map, and the country offers a wide range of activities for those willing to explore, from deserts to frozen islands and glaciers, mountains and jungles to golden beaches.
The capital Santiago is steeped in 20th century history with architectural marvels and excellent museums. Visit the Los Domínicos and Santa Lucía street markets, the Museum of Memory and Human Rights’ Pinochet exhibit, and the open space of the Parque Forestal.
Gaze at the stars in the northern Atacama Desert, reminiscent of Mars’ hilly red landscape; hike the Torres del Paine trek or walk on a glacier in Chilean Patagonia to the south; see the penguins at Isla Magdalena; taste world-class wine in the Casablanca Valley; boat out to the famous stone heads at Easter Island; or surf at La Sarena beach.

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