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1. Travel Experts

We have decades of experience working in the travel industry tailoring holidays to all corners of the world so rather than you looking all over the internet trying to work out how to piece everything together leave it to us to do it for you. We know the pitfalls to look out for that can ruin a holiday and can make recommendations to make it your best ever holiday.

2. Independent

Why is this important? If you called Direct Line for insurance would they recommend Admiral even if they offered a product that was better suited to you? We do not recieve any incentives to book with certain suppliers or products so we will only ever recommend something that we felt was suitable for you.

3. Time to make up your mind

Rockbird is often able to give you time to consider your options and change your plans before committing, without paying a penny. Something not commonly available when going it alone on the internet.

4. Excellent value

When we set up Rockbird we decided not to open a shop as it would be additional costs that we felt were unnecessary and by keeping our costs down we can afford to offer very good value to our clients. Also, by partnering with the Global Travel Group we benefit from tremendous buying power to get excellent rates.

5. Easy to contact 24/7

We have made getting in contact with us as simple as possible - no complex phone system where you have to select between lots of options to get through to someone that may or may not give you a good service. You can call us, email us, facebook message us or submit an online form and we are monitoring and responding to these 24/7. If you live within 30 miles of Worthing then we can also offer a service to come and meet you face to face.

6. Expert advice and support

If you are considering booking your holiday with an online company I would ask you to think about whether you are being informed of everything you need to know about the destination you are travelling to and should something change to your holiday do you think you are going to get the support from that company if you need it? That is what you get when you book with travel professionals that have dealt with all kinds of situations many times before.

7. Care and Protection

Along with our ATOL licence we offer the additional security of holding all client monies in a Trust account which means your money is used purely to pay the suppliers of your holiday and cannot be used for anything else. You will have additional scheduled airline failure cover to cover you in the event of an airline's collapse. Book an inclusive priced package and we will take on total responsibility for every aspect of the arrangements sold, whatever the eventuality, under the European Package Regulations – not available when you book things separately direct with an airline or hotel.

8. Reliable Partners

If you review the list of our partners we only deal with companies who deliver the best possible experiences for our clients.

9. No Hidden Extras

We aim to be very transparent with all of our pricing and if there are any payments to be made locally we will ensure you are fully aware of them.

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