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The Asian continent and surrounding islands vary wildly in culture and activities, with everything from thriving state-of-the art metropolis to thick jungle; snowy mountain treks to cocktails on the beach; unbeatable shopping, casinos, dining, and remote relaxation. Explore traditional towns and temples, expansive cities, island cruises and unique wildlife experiences.
South East Asia spreads from Thailand in the west to Vietnam in the east, and includes Indonesia, Malaysia and the surrounding island and mainland countries. This area is famous for its beaches, jungles, diving, and traditional towns and temples.
East Asia, comprising Japan, China, Korea, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan, is where you will find ancient culture, buildings and religious heritage brushing up against the latest in 21st-Century technology with towering cities, incredible architecture and fine dining.
South Asia - India and its surrounding countries - give a look into a thriving post-colonial world with beaches and resorts, jungles and national parks, bustling cities, tea plantations, and Himalayan expeditions.


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