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Bolivia is the perfect balance of a place that has a lot to offer, but hasn’t yet been overrun by tourism. Visitors here will get out what they put in – a bit of effort spent exploring will turn up unexpected spectacles and experiences you won’t find anywhere else.
The north-eastern side of the country is in the Amazon rainforest, and is home to jaguars, bears, capybara, giant otters, caymans and a range of insect and bird life. Most tours leave from the jungle town of Rurrenabeque. You can also raft the river from La Paz for an up-close tour experience.
To the south is the Andes ranges, and to the east you will find Salar de Uyuni, the world’s largest salt flat. The salt looks like a blanket of snow laid out in hexagon patterns. It can be viewed form above in a plane, or you can take a tour onto the flats or even drive, though we suggest you take a 4WD to prevent getting stuck. In the rainy season, the flats turn into a giant mirror.

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